The Downs is the debut album from Project Phædrus.

Natural sounds, electronic sounds, and vocals, are interwoven to form a complex sonic texture that takes you on a journey about leaving the chaos and congestion of the city behind for the rolling hills and serenity of the countryside. In particular, it's my own personal journey about escaping the rat race in Sydney and finally finding seclusion on an acreage in the Central West of NSW in Australia.

Recorded as a continuous, 43-minute-long musical work, the sonic palette varies widely. Opening with the sound of a traffic jam, it contains everything from conventional drums and bass to vocoder phrases, train crossings, Gregorian chants mixed with Tibetan throat singing, thunderstorms, church bells, organs, Latin soprano phrases, various choirs, steel guitars, didgeridoos, shouts, synthesisers... in fact, it's rather difficult for me to categorise this album as belonging to any singular genre.

The entire album was recorded “in the box” using Cubase, a Korg Kronos 2, Novation MiniNova, and a smattering of software synths, including the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.